with Debbie Todd


On today’s show, “Episode 39: How To Create Financial Success With Your Kids” Debbie Todd, financial planner turned lead puppeteer of Ruby’s Troops, joins us to give wisdom on setting our children up for financial success in their future.

Show Notes:

“If you can help a child feel confident in something they are going to need, pretty much every day of their life for the next 70 or 80 years, isn’t that an amazing gift?”

Debbie spent years working as an accountant and financial planner, before making a major change to begin working with children. Debbie is now the lead puppeteer in Ruby’s Troops, and she’s teaching kids money skills in a fun and exciting way. We discuss what really happens when adults actually engage with our children to teach them better financial habits, and how it can really impact both the children and the parents for the future.

For anyone who wishes they had more financial wisdom, or for parents who want to pass on smart money habits to their children, this episode will be perfect for you.

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