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Are you just creating more work for yourself or actually creating assets? Why is asset generation so important if you want to experience true time freedom? These are just some of the questions that Ann Wilson aka The Wealth Chef, Hay House author, friend and mentor explored during our time together. To find out more tune in!


“We are so busy earning a living or working for a living that we forget to create a life and realizing that so often we’ve got this strange relationship where we think – OK, we go to work, earn money so that then we can live – because we are believing that our relationship with money is directly related to our direct input – output.”

During this interview we explore the importance of creating assets (value exchange without you needing to be there) vs income to create something that will give us the time freedom because that is actually what we all want.

Ann shares her insights into how society has been set up for how we are going to exchange our life force for money and how busyness can take us away from a wealthy life. She debunks many myths around revenue and income generation that if not dealt with will stop you from creating the success and lifestyle you truly desire.

We also talked about what you can do to start your asset journey and what you can invest in (with very little money) to start. We also explored the capacity we have to create and what money beliefs shut down our creativity and therefore our capacity to create true wealth.

Ann also talks about how we need to give money a break and how its properties are just like tofu!

If you are curious about how to create assets that can support you so that you can create true wealth, then join us today.

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