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How to overcome the fear of your money running out

By Marina Pearson


In the last few weeks I have spoken to a few of my mamas in business who have been expecting a fear of their money running out. Of not having enough. This fear in turn has had them make decisions that they wouldn’t have otherwise have made. It has stopped them from doing something that their heart knows is right but that their heads tells them that it’s not.
Here is the thing that I have discovered. The fear of running out of money is an illusion.


Now you may be asking

What happens to people that go bankrupt?

Doesn’t that mean that their money has dried up?


What about people that have their house repossessed? Doesn’t that mean that their money has run out?


What about the homeless?


What about the starving?


While these scenarios and realities exist, it doesn’t mean that the flow of money has stopped.


And here is why…


I have known those who are bankrupt to bounce back: in fact this experience for some has allowed them to see that they have nothing to lose.


This who have had their house repossessed to build what they perceptively lost back up again.


The homeless, decide to make something of themselves


Those who are starving be helped…


While not ideal, there is always an opportunity to bounce back.


Also the fear of loss is also an illusion. Your fear says nothing about all your money running out.


The feeling of fear knows nothing about you or your circumstances! They say everything about where your experience is coming from!


Thought – fearful thought.


That feeling you cannot trust. That feeling that isn’t saying anything about you should or shouldn’t do that thing!


If fear was showing you about your situation or saying something about you, then
everyone would experience the same feeling!


And they don’t…


So what to do about it? What if you could see your experience as something fleeting in the

moment? How different would your experience be?


To create a difference experience and let go of your fear, I would love to invite you to your pathway to abundance. Click here

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