The 5 Keys To Creating An Effortless Lifestyle That Gets Results

There is nowhere to get to in business

Have you noticed that we always seem to think we have to get there before we can have that?

When I have more money I will …

When I get a business I’ll have …

When I have x amount of clients then…..

It is so easy to believe that something else or someone else is creating our experience of life.

That somehow if we just had enough money or we had better implementation skills we would have the life, relationships, bank account and figure we dream of.

This is a very common misunderstanding that we all slip into from time to time and it makes us cranky and stressed as we try and jump through all the loopholes we perceive as mandatory to have what we want.

Thinking that the fulfillment of a goal will give us the joy we seek.

The money we want and the contentment we want to feel. To feel well within ourselves and with the world around us.

When we choose stress and busyness as the foundation of our decisions slowly but surely everything we see and encounter becomes stressful, tedious and tiresome.

The world becomes a darker place and suddenly what once bought us joy becomes a chore and far from the effortless encounter we imagined.

In this weeks video I share why I know for sure that this works. What I mean by that is I now truly understand that 100% of our experience is coming from our thinking in the present moment.

This insight was a massive game changer for me as I hope it will be for you.

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