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What My Non-Sleeping Baba Has Taught Me About Making Big Decisions

Do you every worry about making a wrong decision? As a mama running her own business there are many decisions that I need to make from day to day both in my business and, when it comes to my baba Leo. And recently I have had to make another big one about changing our sleeping rituals.

For many months now he has only been able to fall asleep with an aid of a bottle or the breast, and would sleep with us. When he was a new born, this made sense to me as he needed to eat and we felt we wanted to have him close.

However, this strategy has stopped working for me as he would wake up at minimum 4 times and max 8 times a night and wouldn’t be able to go back to sleep without me! As you can imagine after 8 months of this or so, I was done! This way of dealing with this situation no longer made sense to me.

We had brought in a night nanny in the past but she believed in crying it out, and our conversation stopped there, as we don’t. It was then i found out that there is a way to get your baby to sleep without letting him cry it out, which made sense to me.

And so that’s what I experienced yesterday. It finally made sense to go ahead and allow Leo to learn what he needed to and for me to be there to facilitate his growth versus doing the work for him, which wouldn’t bode well for the future.

But from that I have learned 3 really invaluable lessons, which are invaluable to know every time you get caught up in having to make a perceptively difficult decision both in your business, relationships, or whether you want to move continents!




1. We can only make a decision that makes sense to us in the moment. This is the most natural way for us to change a habit or a strategy, When we have an insight and it makes sense changing the habit or strategy becomes effortless versus a massive chore.

2. The answer ALWAYS shows up! Wisdom is guiding us from moment to moment! Well at least that’s what I have found out.

3. Don’t get attached to finding the answer, as it can stop you from finding it – let it come to you!

4. Any business decision we make in the moment was the right one there and then. In hindsight it may well not have been but remember you are looking back from where you are and its only the judgement of the decision from where you are now that makes it wrong.

What decisions are you finding difficult to make today and lets see if we can find the answer here by putting them in the comments box below:

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