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I am broken! I need fixing!

Do you sometimes feel that there is something wrong with you? That somehow everyone else has it figured out and you don’t? Do you feel like you need fixing?
If you do feel this way sometimes, you are not on your own. Most of my potential clients think that they need something “to fix” their issue.

Robin Williams Death: The Truth about Depression

I found myself exclaiming today “Oh my god, Robin Williams is dead?”
How did that happen? What would drive Robin Williams ( a very successful actor who had a lot of years left on him, with a beautiful wife ) to commit suicide?

The answer?


But what is depression?

And why would it drive someone, like Robin Williams with so much life in him still to end it?

This is the po

Are you stressed with wasting your time?

A few months ago I was privileged enough to speak in front of 450 + entrepreneurs in Singapore, but i don’t say this to brag – I share this with you because of the extraordinary insight I had about how much more effortless you can make your life when you don’t waste the time you have doing things that drain your energy versus giving it back to you.

Mama Blog: How Well Do You Look After Yourself?

Its been a while since I have written something that I truly felt compelled to write about…it seems that I have been in my head about writing and have felt a bit stuck around it – but suddenly today it seems that the flow is back as well as my enthusiasm for what I want to share.

Are you stuck in the future?

One way to keep yourself in stress and confusion is to be stuck in the future. This will stop you from creating the lifestyle you truly desire. To find out if you are one of them -  watch my vlog today!

Creating an effortless lifestyle that you find rewarding and fulfilling can only happen if you decide to make it happen now.

Do you have it all figured out?

I was asked today,”How do you seem to have it all figured out!” To which I found myself replying – “I really don’t.” And it took me a bit of time to feel into what I had just said.

How To Transform Your Stress Into Effortless Living Interview

Are you a stressed out entrepreneur or professional that just wants to serve more, have more of an impact but seems to be working,working, working and yet not time for you?
If so this week’s VLOG is for you!

Click on the image below to find out how you can transform your stress and have it show up as effortless results!

Last week I was interviewed by a fellow colleague who has also bee

Do you fear the unknown?

One of the biggest stressors that I have seen for most is being thrown into the unknown – being thrown into a situation they did not chose (a divorce, break-up, a failure of a business partnership, a loss of a loved one , or illness etc) and fearing doing something new such as starting a business, or putting themselves out there or asking for help….

Do you find yourself in crazy busy land?

Do you find yourself in crazy-busy land? If you do…read on…

When I used to live in the UK, I used to find myself crazy busy. I was always doing something or another….

Who are you really?

Have you ever asked yourself: who am I really? In this weeks vlog I share an insight as to who you really are versus who you think you are.

As I was lying in bed, staring at the ceiling yet another day because of the pregnancy a question came to me that took me by surprise.

And it was…



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