Wow Moment #3: Difficult Family

So Xmas is almost upon us! Yikes! And as with every Xmas, I am sure there are people you "HAVE" to spend time with, who you would rather not because they are tiresome, difficult or (you may have another word for them!) By the end of today's share you will have...

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Wow Moment #1: I’ve Had Time For Reflection

Heya as I was sitting at home staring out to the blue, cloudless sky after a hectic weekend spent with my friends and one of my son's closest friends, I decided to take time for reflection on the last year. And as you can see from the photo I have this amazing wise...

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Create Effortless Results in your Business

How to Create Effortless Results in your Business How do we create the results we want? Have you ever asked yourself this question? For most people the answer looks like: Hustle Putting in the hours The team Getting up at 5am Motivating yourself Setting goals And the...

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