It may seem like a weird title for this week but I had a huge insight into results the other day that I really wanted to share with you. I used to think that the result I got was the most important factor in making strides in my business and life. But recently I don’t see that as true anymore.

What is more important than the result is who you become in the process!

The result you want to accomplish the icing on the cake. But what you will learn and who you will meet and the the insights you will have and the reality that you will embody seems like a far more fun way to approach whatever we want to bring into being.

I remember asking a colleague of mine why he wanted to work on a project with me, and what he responded stopped me in my tracks. What he said was so cool ¨I just want this experience to to help me learn new things.¨ What struck me, was that there was no mention of the outcome (such as we could earn this much or think how many people we can help) or anything like that.

The outcome was like a given.

It reminds me of a flip chart one of my mentors uses which posts FOCUS ON THE TASK NOT THE OUTCOME. I mean how often do we focus on the outcome and then freeze and think our experience is coming from the outcome that hasn’t even happened yet. In most cases this outcome is awful and people laugh at us and we don’t make it..

But what if we could just create for the sheer joy of it? What if we could set ourselves a challenge and see it as a game to play instead of seeing it as something so serious to take?

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