As a mama in a service based business you will know by now that sales are an intrinsic part to growing your business.

But time and time again I have seen that most of my clients avoid sales conversations because they are worried about the other person saying “no” as they think it says something about who they are and what they are about.

I used to think this so I used to hide behind automation, not connect, get nervous, hate the process and beat myself up when nothing happened!

Now I know that this isn’t true. Rejection can only ever be our experience of what they have said. Our feelings cannot come from what they have said.

If that were true we would all experience rejection when someone says the “no” word.

And we don’t.

So how does this help you?

Well what if instead of asking

Why me?


Is there something wrong with me?

You could ask – what is creating my experience?

As you move away from seeing the illusive circumstances define you, you can start to move towards the actual reason why they do.

And what is that?

A misunderstanding of what your feelings have been saying to you.

Now go and make sales with joy!