by MICHAEL NEILL | with Marina Pearson


On today’s episode, ‘How To Create The Impossible’, Michael Neill joins us to discuss how finding grace in your life can help you create the world around you that you’ve always wanted, but never thought was possible.

Michael is an internationally renowned transformative coach, radio host, podcaster and the best selling author of 6 books including ‘Creating The Impossible; The Inside Revolution and The Space Within’. Michael is often described as ‘The coaches coach’ and commands extraordinary respect within this field. He has spent nearly 30 years working as a coach, advisor, friend, mentor, and creative sparkplug to CEOs, celebrities, royalty, and people who want to get more out of themselves, their businesses and lives. His books have been translated into 22 languages and his public talks, retreats, seminars and online programs and touched and transformed lives at the United Nations, in over 60 countries on 6 continents around the world.


“Why do I have to look back and evaluate my life? Why can’t I just live it?”

How often do you tell yourself you’ll never be able to achieve your wildest hopes and dreams? Michael Neill joins us to talk about the power of grace, and to shares his insights into turning our seemingly impossible dreams, into realities.

Michael shares examples and insights from his 30 years of experience, and opens up about his own history with depression and how he was able to move on from that place of hopelessness to transform his own life to what it is today.

If you have huge ambition but feel as though your dreams are out of reach, if you’re looking for guidance and beautiful insight, this episode is going to be perfect for you.


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