How To Discover The Value You Add To Your Clients

I woke up to a deep realisation the other day which is that the value I bring to the world of business is peace. As a by product of this peace and stillness that we can spend more time in, we can grow our businesses with less effort and flow.

The minute that I saw that I was about wasn’t GROWTH but about PEACE my messaging has completely changed. The way I come to my life has completely changed. I am walking around in a reality that I no longer recognise.

Let me give you an example

A few weeks ago I woke up and had a clarity bomb go off in my head…for a while I had wanted to create s stepping stone program/service that could feed into my Effortless Business Program. I couldn’t work it out. So i have been sitting with it for about 6 months. And it suddenly dawned on me that what I would love to create is my own mastermind for women.

Funnily enough when I ruminated over what the outcome would be for the women who decided to come together for The Effortless Sistamind, that it would be about setting intentions and creating big results. But yesterday when having a conversation with a lovely lady Anne Lise, it dawned on me that actually the messaging was all wrong. What the Sistamind is really about is creating a space of peace and stillness so that the sisters in it can own their inner voice, trust it and take time out of their week to reflect and pause.

What you may or may not know is that quiet reflection is a key component to growing our businesses. Quiet reflection allows us to hear our wisdom and its as a result of hearing this wisdom and taking action it that you can exponentially grow as wisdom jumps the boundaries of time and isn’t linear.

What Anne lise shared with me was that I was living the way she wanted to live. I chose the times I work, I take the time out I want and I take days off to look after myself and in the mean time I am making more money. BOOM – again I heard that is the value you bring. Lead with PEACE first and let GROWTH follow. I had been starting with GROWTH and ROI first so my messaging was all about Earning MORE first.

As a result of leading with what I am, I feel like an embodied version of my message which is what people buy. They buy your congruency and alignment.

So my question for you today is what is your word? What are you leading with? And does what you are leading with align with the message you want to send out to the world?

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