with Grace Kelly


What is the real reason why anyone would decline a 7-figure business opportunity to retreat back home? In today’s episode I speak to Grace Kelly about her journey of saying no to taking her business to the next level to create even more fulfilment in her life.

Show Notes:

Our first guest is business success coach Grace Kelly who helps people open to their inner wisdom and true confidence to create healthy, stylish and accomplished lives and careers they truly want. Grace specialises in helping coaches move to a new level of success in their business, she supports them in defining their marketing message and services more clearly so they can make an impact and a living doing what they love.

Having successfully left her 9-5 in London Grace went on to generate quarter of a million dollars in the first 18 months of her new business and travelled the world, hosting clients in beautiful locations.

Grace also shares why she declined a 7-figure business opportunity and the unexpected consequences of doing so, how her new-found understanding for life finally got her to commit to a 10 year relationship, how she dropped years of insecurity about her self-image in one moment and how we she has stopped rushing about to create more time for herself.

 “The picture was painted for even more success, but I woke up one morning in a beautiful 5 star hotel which had become my norm at the time and every part of my being screamed no!”

Find out how trusting your heart can lead to quantum leaps in your life and business by tuning in today!

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