with Marina Pearson

In this first episode Marina Pearson, your Joy of Being Podcast host, mum, effortless lifestyle coach, investor and best-selling author and speaker shares her story of why she created the podcast and how it all came about.

She wanted to birth the podcast so that she could help the millions of working women and mums who think they have to be all things to all people and subject themselves to the illusion of not being enough. The intent behind the podcast was to create a 60-minute experience where you can unplug from your worries and light up with insights and joy instrumental for sustainable change.

As someone who suffered from depression, anorexia and suicidal episodes Marina has deep insights into how we can experience more joy and do away with the stress and overwhelm that plagues our society every day. Once we stop taking ourselves so seriously we can really begin to enjoy the journey and experience life and business from a far more fuller and richer place.

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