by JP Morgan | with Marina Pearson


In this episode JP Morgan discusses the importance of mindset and why taking steps to eliminate the “shoulds” from our thought processes and vocabulary is key to living a life filled with more joy.  


“I want to have joy in every moment of being and so that’s why I was excited to talk about it, and everything that I create and share is serving that really and so not ‘shoulding’ on yourself is [important] because when you do, that’s not very enjoyable!” 

JP guides creators in being more powerful in every area of their life and work and in this episode, we talk about the steps we can all take in order to foster a more positive mindset. We find out how to stop doing what we ‘should’ and start doing what we want to. 

During this interview, we also talk about how our own mindsets and our way of communicating can impact those around us in unexpected ways, and JP discusses what we can do to help those around us experience more joy in their lives.

JP also shares with us some of the ways in which his personal elimination of “shoulding” has helped him become the success he is today and how, as a parent, being more mindful in how and when he communicates has enabled him to enjoy a more positive relationship with his child and partner. 

So if you want to learn more about the importance of eliminating the “shoulds” from your life, and if you want to encourage a more positive and productive mindset, this is the episode for you! 

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