with Mandy Spray


On today’s show, “Episode 100: CORONAVIRUS SERIES: The Power of Common Sense In Uncertain Times” Mandy Spray, health and wellbeing coach, joins us to discuss how common sense can make such a difference during the uncertain times we face.

Show Notes:

“One of the biggest thing with issues like the coronavirus is the fear, and that’s not good.”

Mandy Spray joins us to give her insight into the corona virus, and her advice on how to be with the panic you may be facing.

We discuss the power of calm and common sense during this period of chaos, and how by showing up like this you are more likely to solve any problems you face and discomfort you feel.

Mandy also discusses how common sense is innate and vital to moving through this period of turbulence and panic to see and seize the opportunities in front of you.

We also discuss how calm and relaxation are fundamental to a thriving immune system so it’s easier for the body to fight infection and stay healthy.

Finally, we discuss the amazing opportunity that quarantine is bringing to humanity and how we can use this time to get quiet, and find stillness and peace of mind in our day.

If you are currently worrying about your health, work and the safety of your family, then this will be a great episode for you! Enjoy!

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