with Sarah Phipp


On today’s show, “Episode 101: CORONA VIRUS SERIES: How To Protect Your Immune System Against The Virus” Sarah Phipp, naturopath and clarity coach, joins us to discuss how we can improve and protect our bodies, in order to avoid getting the virus, and other sicknesses during this time.

Show Notes:

“We all have viruses, all the time. But how much we notice them is dependent on our immune system.”

Sarah Phipp is back on the show, to talk everything immune system. We’re discussing what to eat, what to take, and how to support our bodies to be the healthiest possible during this historic pandemic.

During the show Sarah offers up a range of options of foods that prevent viruses as well as those we should keep well away from! She also shares a variety of options to naturally treat and take care of our bodies to build our immunity.

The main message here is that it is critical we take care of ourselves more than ever: eat the right foods, get the rest we need, supplement with immune boosting vitamins and minerals, all of which can keep our bodies running smoothly. She also suggests what you can do if you have the virus.

Sarah also discusses the bigger picture of the outbreak, and how it’s important to focus on how we’re living, and how we’re treating our bodies.

If you’re a mum worried about your own health, or the health of your children during this viral outbreak, then this will be a great episode for you! Enjoy!

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