with Claire Balkind


On today’s show, “Episode 102: CORONA VIRUS SERIES: Creative Ways To Keep Your Kids Entertained” Claire Balkind, founder of Facebook Group Family Lockdown Tips & Ideas, joins us to discuss creative ideas and tips to keep kids entertained, parents sane to let this period of lockdown period pass on by with as much ease as possible.

Show Notes:

“It is really tricky. A lot of parents are working from home, and they have their children around them, and need to keep them entertained and that makes it even more challenging.”
On this call, Claire, a teacher and founder of the fastest growing Facebook groups for parents on lockdown joins us to provide insight into how to keep our kids sane during this trying time.
We discuss the importance of a rhythm during the day, and the innate wisdom that children have inside of them to create their own entertainment. We also explored how there isn’t one size fits all for each family and how it’s possible for families to find their own answers to what works for them.
Claire also gives some great advice on how to creatively engage your children to help them grow, think, and be excited while at home.
If you’re a mum who’s struggling with having your kids at home 24/7, and worried about coping or keeping them busy, then this will be a great episode for you!

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