with Grace Kelly


On today’s show, “Episode 104: CORONAVIRUS SERIES: How to Take Advantage Of The Isolation” Grace Kelly, founder of Graceful Coaching, joins us to discuss how we can make the most of the isolation.

Show Notes:

Grace is a maverick at helping women get their passion business working and growing online.
At the time when I reached out to her Italy was the only European country on lockdown and the pandemic wasn’t being experienced as such, so I wanted to see what it was like to hear what the experience would be like from someone that I know is grounded and centered.
During this episode Grace and I discuss what has helped her to stay grounded and sane during this time of chaos. She shares how our state of mind is the only thing to have an effect on our feelings and how knowing this will have a massive positive impact on how we show up and BE during this time.
She also gave some awesome suggestions around what to do if you are needing to take your business online. And how to take advantage of what can be a super creative time.
If you are someone who is struggling with the lockdown and need some calm and want to make the most of this time, then this will be a great episode for you! Enjoy!

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