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On today’s show, “Episode 105: Coronavirus Series: The Secret To Business Resilience” Sebastian Bates, the founder of Warrior Academy, joins us to discuss how he went from losing 500k in revenue to recouping a big portion of it in the first two weeks of COVID lockdown.

His capacity to stay centered and see this time as an opportunity versus a burden and a worry is what made this possible for him and his business. And is a wonderful example of the capacity we all have to be creative and resilient during this time.

Show Notes:

“I don’t believe that just by putting yourself online, you’re going to be in competition with others. If your customers are loyal, they are coming online for you.”

Sebastian had multiple different Warrior Academy locations in the UK and Dubai, and instead of giving up, he chose business reinvention over business close up.

Today he shared his wisdom on how to take advantage of this time to build community and create members. If you already have loyal customers, he shared how you can take your program online to really direct your message to those who want your help and are already part of your tribe.

We discussed how COVID doesn’t need to be the roadblock but the opportunity to take your business to the next level and in a different direction.

We talked about the practicalities of adjusting your business, reducing costs, adjusting your team and having the right people around you to make this pivot successful and generate the income you need during this time.

If you’re a mum who has a business who is trying to figure out how to pivot your business during this time, this is going to be an amazing episode for you! Enjoy!

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