with Uma Dinsmore Tuli


On today’s show, “Episode 107: CORONAVIRUS SERIES: Understanding Our Menstrual Cycle As A Key To Health” Uma Dinsmore Tuli, Author, and practitioner of Yoga Therapy, joins us to discuss how our menstrual cycle plays a pivotal role in our overall health.

Show Notes:

“It’s all about allowing women to connect with our inner power and freedom.”

Uma has worked with thousands of women, using Yoga and Yoni therapy to help them, and brings an incredible amount of insight and awareness to discuss female health with a focus on the menstrual cycle.

We discuss how our menstrual cycle is the gateway to having a deeper understanding of our body, and health; and how we can use its cyclical power and wisdom to nurture and take care of our bodies.

Nevertheless, in today’s society, it’s easy to overlook this incredible force and underestimate its power. As we push through we disregard the cycle’s message, creating worse PMS symptoms such as pain, fatigue, and mood swings.

If you are a mum or woman who gets bad PMS or has breast pain or suffers from mood swings and wants to know more about how understanding your cycle can help to alleviate these symptoms, then this will be a great episode for you! Enjoy!

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