with Chris Kenney


On today’s episode, Radical Moves for Rapid Results – How to increase time, wealth and freedom by making radical moves, we took the conversation from making decisions that are beyond our comfort zone to making radical moves in pricing. 

Chris Kenney is a Business Leverage Expert and a firm believer that building a business which will give you time and money doesn’t have to take long, if you are willing to make radical moves in terms of charging way beyond what you thought was possible! 

If you want to know which questions you need to be asking yourself to build your business in no time at all, then this is the episode for you! 


“I’m not lucky, that is not luck, it’s being willing to do what most people don’t do so then you get what most people don’t get.” 

How many of us wish we had more time, more money, and more freedom? What if you didn’t need three wishes from a magic genie to achieve this, but rather a shift in your thinking and a few radical decisions? In today’s episode Chris Kenney explains how success is easily achievable for all of us, if we’re willing to believe it is. 

Chris and I discuss the questions everyone needs to ask themselves when building a successful business and how we can avoid holding ourselves back from a life of more joy by making decisions that are outside of our comfort zones. 

Chris shares his insights into how problems are never present without solutions and talks through how he was able to increase his own income by $200,000 in one year, with examples of how he now helps his clients do the same for themselves. 

If you want to increase your earnings, your freedom and your time, then you do not want to miss this episode! 

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