with Dave Hompes


On today’s show, “Episode 110: CORONAVIRUS SERIES: The Secrets Behind Having A Healthy Body” Dave Hompes, well renowned functional medicine doctor and friend joins us to discuss how we can be the healthiest possible version of ourselves and what it really takes to be committed to it.

Show Notes:

“You have a much lower risk of developing a problem with any virus now or in the future if you take the steps to make your system more robust.”

Dave came onto the show to discuss chronic illness and how it effects the body and mind.

We dove into the importance of taking our health into our own hands so that we better understand what the symptoms are telling us, instead of ignoring the wisdom we have and giving our power away to the doctors.

Dave shares what has to change if we are to take responsibility for our health so that those struggling can recover fully and what stops anyone from healing their chronic illness.

We also explore the mind body connection and how it relates to chronic symptoms and shared stories of clients that have had recovered because they were able to reduce their stress.

If you’re a mum who’s struggling with chronic issues like migraines, digestive issues, lack of sleep, then this will be a great episode for you! Enjoy!

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