with Daniel Priestley


On today’s show, “Episode 111: CORONAVIRUS SERIES: How to Thrive in Business In Uncertain Times” Daniel Priestley, successful entrepreneur, Creator of the KPI program and public speaker, joins us to discuss what it takes to have a business thrive beyond the pandemic. Daniel brings his insight to this conversation and great advice for mummy business owners.

Show Notes:

“You’ve gotta pay more attention to your mountain of value, then the mountain of others.”

Daniel became an entrepreneur at the age of 21 and built a multi-million-dollar event business. Since then, Daniel has continued to grow businesses, write books, and engage in public speaking and study the ideas of business and entrepreneurship.

On today’s episode, Daniel shares give us great insight into how the business has changed over the last decade, what trends he sees establishing themselves over the next 10 years and what we need to do to take advantage of them.

We also discuss the importance of staying in the visionary part of the brain if we want to thrive as business owners and what we need to avoid doing so that we don’t lose out and fail.

Finally, he shares 3 actions you can take right now to accelerate your growth and income.

If you’re a mum who has been hit by the pandemic or who is struggling to create the revenue you need, and you’re not sure what is next, then this will be a great episode for you!


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