with Dr. Kim Jobst


On today’s show, “Episode 113: CORONAVIRUS SERIES: Understanding Disease As Health” Dr. Kim Jobstaward-winning physician, joins us to discuss the science behind health and how disease plays into it. 

Show Notes:

“Drugs have an impact on the physiology, and drugs have led to other conditions, so it spirals and so we become afraid.” 

During this incredible conversation, Dr. Kim and I discuss the cutting edge truth of disease manifesting itself as health, and how it’s the body’s way of waking us up to who we truly are.  

No disease is ever a coincidence and is unique to everyone’s history and ways of thinking.  

As we spoke, I had my own insight about how we all live in the diseases of meaning – creating an experience based on the thought that then shows up in the body. 

If you’re a mum who’s struggling with a chronic disease, or if someone you love is struggling, and if you’re looking to shift the perspective around it, then this will be a great episode for you!   


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