with Samantha Hurst


On today’s show, “Episode 114: The Gift In Heartbreak” Samantha Hurst, Writer, Artist and Coach, joins us to discuss how we can find insight into heartbreak, and how our energy and thoughts have an impact on our relationships.

Show Notes:

“That other person isn’t going to make you feel A, B, or C. That’s coming from you.”

Samantha has been working on love and heartbreak in her practice and joins us to share the insights that she’s personally seen.

We discuss heartbreak, both from our own personal insights and from a place of understanding that our thoughts have such an impact on our relationships and how we thrive in them.

We also discuss the fact that we are all energy and we need to take a look at our own energy first, in order to see how to improve our relationships in the future.

If you’re a mum or woman who’s struggling with heartbreak and relationship issues and are looking to find the gift in heartbreak, then this will be a great episode for you! Enjoy!


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