with Rudiger & Julianne Kennard


On today’s show, “Episode 115: Why Conflict is Necessary To Create Harmonious Relationships, Rudiger & Julianne Kennard, join us to discuss why conflict is actually necessary for a relationship to thrive and grow, and how important it is to not avoid the conflict.

Show Notes:

“We look for something that resonates with us, something that validates us deep down, and deep down, I felt like I wasn’t worthy, so my relationships unfolded that way.”

Rudi and Julianne have joined us on this episode to give insight into relationships, and how conflict is actually a key part of a relationship for growth. We talk about how we can find harmonious relationships and the issue that comes from avoiding conflict. We also discussed how you can attract the perfect relationship for you, and live in resonance in your relationship.

If you’re a relationship and dealing with conflict, or you’re single looking to find a partner that is a good match for you, then this will be a great episode for you! Enjoy!

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