Episode 14 - How To Find True Happiness

by Amanda O'Shea | with Marina Pearson


On today’s episode, How To Not Feel Responsible For Others’ Happiness, Amanda O’Shea joins us to discuss how we can shed the feeling of responsibility for the moods of those around us and how we can live as our true selves, free from the struggles of addiction. 

 Amanda is the head of a treatment centre for addiction and shares her insights into addictive behavior and her experiences of taking responsibility for the moods of others. 

If you’re experiencing an addiction yourself, caring for someone with an addiction or looking for ways you can remove the burden of being responsible for the happiness of others, this is the episode for you. 


“So  when  I’m  happy, I  have  this  vision  of  what  happiness  looks  like  and  that  was  my  reality  of what  happiness  looks  like.  And  somebody  else  has  a  different  kind  of  reality  of what  happiness  looks  like.”  

Many of us in our lives have encountered addiction, whether in the form of alcoholism, drug abuse or even a chocolate biscuit addiction. In this episode Amanda talks to us about how those addictions form, what we can do to take back control and how it’s possible to overcome addictions for a life filled with more joy. 

Amanda shares stories from her experience working in a treatment center as well as her amazing insights into the mechanics of human behavior and our capacity for change.  

Through the show we also talk a lot about our tendency to assume we know how others feel and how we take responsibility for those feelings and moods. Amanda gives her advice for adjusting that behavior to relieve some of the unnecessary stress and pressure, while still being caring and supportive towards others. 

If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction or if you’re just looking for ways to live your life more carefree, this will be a hugely insightful episode for you. 


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