How can you really have a business where the hustle doesn’t get in the way of your joy and success? In today’s show I talk to accountant extraordinaire Annette Ferguson who shares her journey of how in just18 months she went from not making a profit and never seeing her family to having her husband leave his job to be a full time dad, to spending time with her family and being present.

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 “I was in hospital with my son and I had a kind of wake up moment where I thought – hang on a minute this is not the life I wanted to build when building my business. I didn’t want to be in a position where all I thought about was work and not be able to be there, to be present for my family to support my son in this time when he needed me the most when he wasn’t well. I got home and thought right I need to change this, and so I did.”

Annette Ferguson is the CEO of Annette & Co. the only accounting firm to help online entrepreneurs take home more money for them and their family to enjoy, as well as the creator of The Business Wealth Engine, which helps 6-figure entrepreneurs build their business around their life and ensure that their business is in a place to financially support that life.

Annette shares how she went from supporting the business and working all hours under the sun to how with just a few simple restructures she created an asset that now supports her and gives her the time freedom she craved with her family.

She also shares what steps she took to convert a job into an asset and generously shares the questions she asked herself to get her there.

So, if you are a mum and woman who is constantly hustling to make it and tired of supporting your business rather than the other way around and want to know how to turn this around, this is going to be a great episode for you.

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