EPISODE 20 - How To Be Playful In Life

by Jason Goldberg | with Marina Pearson


On today’s episode, How To Be Playful In Life, Jason Goldberg joins us to discuss the ways in which we embrace a more playful approach to life, business, and parenting. Jason is an award-winning entrepreneur, a TEDx Speaker and a best selling author, his mission is to help others lighten up and find their playful side in all aspects of life to succeed in business. When Jason talks about playfulness, and light-hearted living, he’s not talking about Nerf guns in the office, or about throwing water balloons, he’s talking about letting go of the seriousness and overthinking that so many of us struggle with in our lives, so that we can light up with joy.


“When we are in our element as kids,we have that freedom to express ourselves, but somehow when we become an adult we lose that, because being an adult is serious business, right?”

Do you find yourself taking life too seriously? Are you struggling with overthinking and indecision? Then this episode could be exactly what you need! Jason’s uniquely humorous approach to coaching shines in today’s episode as he opens up about his own journey to the joy of being and shares the insights he’s gained along the way.

Jason is sure to inspire listeners with his honesty and enthusiasm, as well as his down-to-earth nature. Join us as we delve into the world of transformation and explore the ways in which we can cultivate a less serious, less stressful life.

So if you’re ready to live a lighter, more playful life, if you’re ready to rediscover your innate inner joy, this is definitely the episode for you!


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