with Dee Woodward


On today’s episode, ‘Shameless Motherhood: Doing it Your Way’, Dee Woodward joins us to discuss how we can find increased productivity without increased working hours, and how prioritizing our own needs can help us bring our best to motherhood. 

Dee is a hugely talented design consultant whose life and business are centered around the core value of being true to you. Dee’s mission is to help others build brands and to live lives which are matched to their personal beliefs and values without the fear of judgement from others. 


“When I first had to cut down my hours, when Dylan arrived, I was earning more but working less, which was crazy. 

How many times have you caught yourself apologising for your parenting style? How often do you take time out of your day to care for yourself? If those are difficult questions to answer, this episode is definitely for you. 

Dee joins us to discuss the power of self-care and prioritising your needs to enable you to give more to your family and business. We discuss our personal experiences and share insights into the world of productivity and how we’ve found it’s possible to achieve higher output levels without increasing working hours. 

So if you’re a mom who wants to live a more authentic life, if you want to increase your productivity while decreasing your office hours, this episode is going to be an incredible episode for you. 


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