EPISODE 24: The Effortless CEO: Giving UP the Struggle - Nicola Bird

with Nicola Bird


On today’s episode, ‘The Effortless CEO, Giving UP the Struggle’, Nicola Bird joins us to discuss how we can reduce our anxiety without reducing our profits. 

Nicola has always pushed herself to be a massive over-achiever, and even with her anxiety, took her home business it from zero to seven  figures in just under four years. Nicola found a new way of understanding how human beings create their experience of anxiety and how to dissolve it almost effortlessly.

Show Notes:

“The fact is that our experience of life is created on the inside, not from what is going on on the outside.” 

How often do you feel that tightness in your chest? How often to you let yourself work non-stop in order to do more? Nicola joins us to discuss how she found a new way to deal with anxiety and took her business from zero to seven figures in just a few years. We discuss dealing with this, and how to move past it to enjoy your business.

So, if you’re looking to reduce your anxiety and increase your business growth, this episode is going to be an incredible episode for you. Enjoy!

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