EPISODE 25: Freedom From Grief: Happiness Found

with Karen Guggenheim


On today’s episode, ‘Freedom From Grief: Happiness Found,” Karen Guggenheim joins us to discuss how we can find the happiness inside ourselves, and choose to keep that happiness.

Karen is a social entrepreneur who created WOHASU LLC as a commitment towards making a happier world through investing in and producing initiatives like the World Happiness Summit, a multi-dimensional, global gathering of leading experts in the disciplines that compose the science of happiness and wellbeing, and the H-20 Government Meeting.


“Putting on this conference is so demanding, but I had energy, physical and psychological energy that I didn’t know was within me because I was so invigorated by doing something that actually made people happy.”

Karen created WOHASU as a commitment towards making a happier world through investing in, and producing initiatives like the world happiness summit, and what was great about this conversation was her realness. She shared her story about a husband who died and how that was the catalyst towards her creating what she’s created today. We explored this idea that it’s possible to choose joy over sadness and how Karen made a commitment to not sit in victim-mode, and instead move forward. So, if you’re curious about his story, if you’re curious about how it’s possible to move forward after such a tragic happening, then I invite you to listen in.

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