Episode 27: Guilt Free Motherhood

with Ruth Douglas


On today’s episode, ‘Guilt Free Motherhood,” Ruth Douglas joins us to discuss why guilt doesn’t have to be a part of motherhood, and why she doesn’t have that necessary guilt in her life as a single parent and full-time business owner. Ruth discusses her parenthood journey, and how she realized that guilt doesn’t have to come along with being a working mom.

Show Notes:

“There’s an impact that’s going to make me feel guilty somehow, and I don’t really think like that. So I’m always kind of intrigued that there’s an assumption that as working parents or as parents that we feel guilty when we’re making decisions, that there’s always a negative payoff.”

Ruth Douglas is a founder, entrepreneur and single parent. Her business, Imp Ideas, helps growing business to master their marketing through authentic brand storytelling and community building. In 2012 she founded Eroticon – the conference for sex bloggers and erotica writers. The event proved to be life-changing for Ruth and many of the attendees – as the first time an event allowed a hitherto hidden community to meet, learn and grow. After 5 years and 6 events, Ruth sold the conference and now uses her experience to help growing businesses master their marketing. If you want to know more about guilt-free mothering, and how to embrace a life of less guilt, then I invite you to listen in.

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