Episode 29: How To Stop Your Suffering Without Doing Anything – Phil Goddard

with Phil Goddard


On today’s episode, ‘How To Stop Your Suffering Without Doing Anything”, Phil Goddard joins us to discuss how we don’t need to do anything to find peace. There is a big myth in the so-called “self help” industry that we need to do something to feel better, but this just isn’t true. And on todays episode Phil and I discuss what is helpful when we feel lost, broken or down. 

Show Notes:

“There has been this relentless quest to find something that will have us feel better and handle all that life presents us with.”   

Phil joins us today to discuss how we can experience peace without being in hot pursuit of it, so we can end the so-called “suffering” we experience.  

So, if you’re looking to experience peace and end the suffering you experience without actually doing anything about it, then look no further and come join us!

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