with Katya Varbanova


Is it really possible to build a business from 0 to multi Figures in 2.5 years? Well today Katya Varbanova shares her insights into how this is actually possible and the journey she has been on to get there.

Show Notes

“I will tell you a very quick lesson about the joy and the love of what you do was when I quit banking. I had no intention of making money, but because I was pouring so much of myself into the community I was building – it became a joyous obsession. And you know when you ooze that positivity and joy – people just naturally gravitate towards you! And that’s why I grew my community so quickly because they were raving about it.”

Katya is the Live Stream Queen and knows everything there is to know about live streaming and building an extremely profitable business from it. She is also notorious for her crazy videos that suck you in and her limitless energy, which is her secret sauce to growing her business so quickly and turning it into 7 figures by the age of 26.

In this episode Katya shares how joy has been the fuel that has grown her business exponentially and how the process of getting to the outcome is actually more important than the outcome itself.

We also spoke about her experience of losing her business because she was focusing on hustle. However she not only used this experience to incentivise her to hire 8 new people within the year, but also to nurture the joy in her team too. Katya also shares what mind shifts she had to go from flying solo to having a kickass team, more profits and enjoy her life to the max.

If you are a mum and woman who is at the point of scaling your business but are struggling to do so and want to do it with joy then this is going to be a great episode for you!

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