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In today’s show, “Episode 32: How To Fire Yourself to Freedom” Bernadette Doyle, successful Online Business Coach and online business owner, joins us to give wisdom to those looking to build an online business, or take their business to the next level while still maintaining freedom and finding the joy in their lives. Bernadette has built a million-dollar business twice in her life, and now finds joy in helping others achieve their own freedom.

Show Notes:

“I always knew I wanted to have my own business, so by the time I was 26 I started my own business. By the time I was 29, I’d learned every limitation there was to owning your own business. Most people start their own business to have freedom and I felt anything but free.”

Bernadette worked hard at the beginning of her career to find success at first, but after her major wake up call, she rebuilt a business with less structure and work and enjoys the same benefits. Now she has a lifestyle where she makes money on her terms and teaches others to do the same.

Bernadette highlights some of the biggest mistakes people make with their online business, and how to grow the business successfully. Throughout this episode, we discuss how we can still run a business without doing all the work ourselves and running ourselves ragged trying to be successful. As Bernadette discussed, there are a million ways to make money, so it’s not how much you make but HOW you make it.

If you’re burnt out from working on someone else’s terms, or tired of doing all the work yourself, I hope you find some insight and wisdom in this episode that helps you live a life with more freedom and joy.

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