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On today’s show, “Episode 34How to Move on From Infidelity” Jodie Uttersuccessful freelance writer & creator of the blog, Utter Imperfection, joins us to discuss how she worked to move past the infidelity in her marriage in order to create a strong connection with her husband, and took time to look at what really makes a marriage work.

Show Notes:

Jodie works to connect pain to pain and struggle to struggle so we’ll feel less alone inside our stories and more at home in our hearts, minds, and relationships. Her blog, Utter Imperfection, highlights the imperfect journey that is her relationship and her life. Today, we chat about how she came to forgive her husband for infidelity, heal her relationship, while still working through the healing process for herself and her family. On top of dealing with her relationship, the infidelity became a story on the local news, and Jodie had to make her choices knowing that not everyone would agree. Jodie discusses how she chose a non-traditional path, but how she found the strength and the love to continue working on her marriage every day. 

If you’re struggling in your relationship, dealing with infidelity or divorce, this episode is for you. 

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