with Katya Sarmiento


On today’s show, “Episode 38: How To Tame Your Inner Control Freak” Katya Sarmiento, successful business consultants, and CEO of ReachandMakeMillions.com, joins us to give the wisdom to help you shut down your inner control freak, and build your business to new heights.

Show Notes:

“I don’t do a formula, or a template or whatever. I actually look at who this person is and what this business looks like and what their vision is and set up a custom system for them.”

Katya works hard to help other businesses scale up and double their profits without double the work. In today’s conversation, we discussed the inner work needed to really let go of the control freak and take back control of your journey. We discuss the ability to be truly who you are in your business while having systems that support it. Katya gives the advice to reach the next level of your business, and how to have a system, without having to be a control freak.

If fighting your own inner control freak and trying to rise above, I hope you find some insight and advice in this episode that helps you control your control freak.

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