EPISODE 4 - Creating Game Changing Results That Matter

with Jamie Smart


What does it take to create game-changing results that really matter to you? And what gets in the way of you creating them? In this episode I speak to best selling author, sought after coach, speaker and friend Jamie Smart about his new book “The Little Book of Results” who shares his wisdom about how we can all create the results we desire in our business and life.


“Sometimes there is stuff that is hard that needs doing and I am okay with that. Sometimes the game of creating results is to do the hard thing that you don’t want to do. Sometimes its like – figure out the thing you would prefer to not figure out or take the responsibility that you have been trying to avoid.” Jamie Smart

On today’s show I interview the no1 Best-selling author and very sought after coach Jamie Smart. During our time together we spoke about what gets in the way of the results you want to create, why its important to get really clear on why you really want the result you want and how the intention behind the result can make a real difference to having the outcome you want.

Jamie shared that orientating yourself towards what you feel like doing or not doing isn’t the best guide to getting things done and how there is another way by getting in the game. How when you commit to Life’s Will how unprecedented opportunities show up even though it may seem scary, and totally move you out of your comfort zone.

We explored the difference between personality (ego) centred life to a life (god) centred life vs going with the flow and how the latter is very over-rated to getting the results you want.

He spoke about his insights into results that he writes about in his book The Little Book of Results which focuses on how to unleash your results creator, relationships and impact and finally how do you look at the domain of livelihood and leverage in a time where technology is levelling the playing field for all of us.

We also discussed how our habitual habit of stress and overwhelm can become so comfortable that its decreased our tolerance for staying in the peace and stillness because its so new and uncomfortable.

So if you are searching for a result and have been for a while and are wondering why it’s not working out, or every time you reach goal you are not satisfied then this is going to be a really great episode for you.

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