with Helen Sanderson


On today’s show, “Episode 40: How to Declutter Your Space to Uncover Joy” Helen Sanderson, founder and Creative Director of Ministry of Calm, joins us to give insight into decluttering our space and finding more joy. Helen calls herself a Space Therapist and uses her combined skills of psychotherapy and interior design to help create the perfect spaces for calm and wellbeing.

Show Notes:

“People are much more open to asking for help and support and acknowledging that when they’re stuck with something and maybe they need a personal trainer or a personal organizer.”

Helen’s work gets to the importance of how we keep our homes and how it can be changed to improve our lives. In our conversation today, we get into the reasoning behind how and why we keep our homes a certain way, why we hoard certain things, and how our parents actually have a big impact on how we keep our houses as adults. We discuss small steps to start decluttering your life and your space right away, and how it can make you more effective overall.

If you’re someone who knows you need to declutter but does not know how to start, you do not want to miss this episode.

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