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On today’s show, “Episode 41: A REAL Conversation About the Challenges of Motherhood” Sam Bearfoot, Visibility & Instagram Growth Specialist joins us for a deep discussion on the real motherhood. Sam helps people make their business thrive online, especially Instagram. But today, we discuss the real challenges that mothers face, especially being mums in business. We are diving in deep to discuss these challenges in an open and honest way which isn’t being done enough. Today, we’re being real.

Show Notes:

“It didn’t matter what time I left in the morning, and it didn’t matter what time I got home. With a small person about to enter the world, those things matter, and you have to start thinking, Okay, how can I do all of this with a small person?”

Sam Bearfoot is an amazing business mentor, but she’s also a mum. Sam was told she couldn’t have a kid, and that’s when she decided she wanted to try. Being a podcaster, business mentor and Health Radio Audio Trainer for New Presenters meant she had to learn to balance her successful business along with family life. Making changes in order to make her life-friendly for a baby. So often, people aren’t always honest about the behind the scenes struggles and many mothers feel alone. Today, Sam shares her real challenges in this episode so we can all see not every part of motherhood is effortless.

If you’re a mum, and you feel like no one quite understands the difficult parts because you only see the perfect parts online, then this episode is for you.

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