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On today’s show, “Episode 42: How To Move Beyond The Myth of Self-Esteem” Chana Studley, successful Life Coach, author and educator, joins us to give wisdom to those who struggle with PTSD, Self-Esteem, or having a loved one who is struggling with these issues.

Show Notes:

“The reason I called it the myth of low self-esteem is because that pure soul, that inner being, that well-being, that resilience, that amazing part of you can never get broken, dark, lost. It’s just the thinking that going up and down.”

Chana Studley recovered from severe PTSD out of sheer desperation by exploring the nature of Thought on her own. She trained as a Counselor with Manchester Women in Crisis Center and has been working with clients in all areas of mental health for over 25 yrs. She is also a certified Life Coach, and proud member of the United Hatzalah Psychotrauma and Crisis Unit. Chana, using the wisdom of the Three Principles, has seen many adults and children she helped go on to lead full and amazing lives. In the discussion, we discuss what PTSD really is, how people deal with it, and the reason she called her book The Myth of Self-Esteem. We discuss what he experiences have been like living in Israel, and writing her book, and she products countless pieces of wisdom to help those currently struggling.

If you’re struggling with low self-esteem or PTSD, or you have a loved one who may be dealing with these struggles, then this is a great episode for you.

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