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On today’s show, “Episode 43: How To Lead & Listen To Your Heart” Lian Brook Tyler, podcaster, coach and founder of Primal Happiness, joins us to give guidance to those who are looking to embrace all parts of themselves fully and getting a soul led life that’s jam-packed with meaning and happiness.

Show Notes:

“For me, a soul led life is about us being able to understand who we uniquely are, this beautiful mixture of soul, filtered through this medium of an individual body with individual traits, individual skills, individual ways of the energy flowing through us and being fully that. Really embodying and expressing that in the world.”

Lian lived with chronic pain until she decided to change her reality and within a week, found herself free from the pain she experienced. Now she helps her coaching clients find a soul fed life and being fully themselves. We all have different sides to ourselves, and we bury the sides that other people told us we may not have been good at. In today’s chat, we discuss what it truly means to lead a soul fed life and to fully express yourself in all your different aspects. This insightful conversation centered around putting focus back into all areas of your life that you want to explore again and being truly yourself and embracing all parts of who you are.

If you’ve got passions that you have put away but want to reconnect with all the aspects of who you are this podcast will be perfect for you.

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