with Louise Potter


On today’s show, “Episode 48: From No Time To “Me” Time” Coaching Guest Louise Potter, Virtual Assistant and online business owner, joins us for a new type of episode. Today, we used this time to help coach Louise through an area of her life that she was feeling stuck. Louise was having trouble making time to put herself first and wanted to get away from feeling like she had no time and begin seeing that she does have “me” time instead.

Show Notes:

“When you’re first starting out, you’re doing everything yourself, not only are you balancing the needs of your children and your clients. As a mom, you end up taking a backseat. You’re always last on the list.”

Today’s coaching call helped her see that she does in fact have time for her own self-care and the important role it plays for her business and family.

We discussed the need to set boundaries and put herself first.

On the call, Louise got clarity on how to put “me time” at the centre of her life to balance work and play.
A few days after our call I saw a post of her saying she was off to an exercise class, so something worked! 😉

If you’re currently struggling to put yourself first and make me time a priority, then today’s episode will be a great one for you! Enjoy!

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