EPISODE 5 - The Real 4 Hour Work Week - Follow Your Gut To Work Less & Achieve More

by Kate Gerry | with Marina Pearson


Can you really have a 4-hour work week instead of working all hours under the sun to live the life you want? Well the answer is yes! And todays show I interview coach and dear friend Kate Gerry who has definitely cracked the code! To find out more listen in.


“The truth is, the less I’ve worked, the more I’ve allowed things and things that other people say that are really important to be undone, the more money I’ve made.” Kate Gerry

In this episode Kate shares her story of how she went from working 18-hour days which cost her marriage and health to how she now works 4 hours a week. We discussed where her pattern of hard work came from and how she would take that into everything that she did.

She also shares how she doesn’t have a website, social media campaign or a marketing structure but it is still able to make 6 figures and live off the profit as this is what is making sense to her right now.

Kate also shared a story about how one of her clients who was a CEO of a large corporation was working 60 plus hours a week and how she wanted to only work 1 day a week and start a business of her own. With Kate’s support she managed to do this within 6 months and we talked about the process that she went through to make this happen.

We also got intel into the questions you can ask yourself to start reducing the hours you work to get better results and how important it is to reflect on what is not working for you to make the changes to experience more joy.

So if you are working all hours under the sun and hating the experience and want to know how to create more space and time in your life for better results then this is going to be a fabulous episode for you!

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