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In today’s show, “Episode 50: Beyond Anorexia: A Mother’s Story of Healing” Rebecca Perkins successful author, and wellness coach, joins us to discuss her daughter’s journey of anorexia and how transformational the experience has been. We talked about the book they co-authored together “Recovery From Within” and how Rebecca now focuses on helping others get through this same challenge.

Show Notes:

“When my darling daughter was 14, I had suspected that things were not good on the eating front with her, but it was one of those issues that I didn’t want to face. I didn’t want to go anywhere near it.”

During this episode, Rebecca discusses how she came to terms with her daughter’s eating disorder and helped her to recover. As Rebecca’s work focuses on wellbeing and resilience, she saw first-hand the profound changes in her family, and clients as she deepened her understanding of how we experience life. Rebecca recently co-authored and published a book with her daughter on her recovery from an eating disorder – Recovery from Within: A Mother & Daughter’s Journey Through Anorexia. The book shares the understanding that beneath the surface we all have wellbeing and resilience, and that when this is understood full recovery is possible in record time.

In today’s deeply touching conversation surrounding her daughter’s eating disorder and recovery, Rebecca shares the insights they both had that were critical in making the disorder disappear and that set her on her path to helping families and their children to move beyond recovery. If you’re dealing with an eating disorder or watching a son or daughter go through it, this episode will be a great one for you.

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