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On today’s show, “Episode 51: From Frustration To Flow” Coaching Naomi Woolfson, Cognitive Hypnotherapist & Wellness Coach, joined us for a new type of episode. Today, I used this time to help Naomi get clarity on an area of her life where she felt stuck. Naomi, a mum of two small children, was trying to find a specific time for her blogging but was putting a lot of pressure on herself to get work done. During the coaching call, Naomi saw that she could allow herself to rest, as well as set up her business day to work for where she is now in her life. Soon after the call, she told me that the clarity she attained on the call helped to start her own podcast!

Show Notes:

“Everything is fluid and changing. I don’t need to grab on to things so much, I can be like – stuff is always going to shift – it’s going to change and remember that when I’m feeling stuck.”

On the call, Naomi was struggling with finding time to continue her blogging as she did before having her kids. But we discussed that she may have been putting too much pressure on herself to carry on in the same way as she had done before her children. We were able to dive into a great discussion on listening to our bodies, how creativity actually works and manifests in the world, and the importance of resting when we actually need it.

We also discussed the fact that you are able to change and shift your business as your life changes. Naomi was able to get rid of her judgment around her productivity and find more joy in living in the moment and embracing the playfulness of life. If you’re currently putting a lot of pressure on yourself to live your life in the same way as you did before having a baby or young kids instead of listening to your body and what it needs, then today’s episode will be a great one for you! Enjoy!

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