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In today’s show, “Episode 53: How to Transform Post Natal Depression into A Gift” Emily Tredget, creator of the Mummy Links app, and successful blogger, joins us to give wisdom to women struggling with Postnatal Depression. We discussed her personal experience with depression and her expectations of motherhood and how she came to accept her own mental state and is using her experience to help others.

Show Notes:

It was when I started talking about how I was feeling to friends, family and eventually the media, I was astounded at how many mums said to me, yeah me too, I’m feeling JUST like that. 

Emily Tredget struggled with post-natal depression and found a way to move past it. Because of her experiences, Emily created MummyLinks, an app to allow mums to find local meetups for support. In the last 2 years, she has created an uber-successful social media campaign called #ShoutieSelfie to bring awareness to what mums are going through.  

She discusses the pressures that mums put on themselves and think they need to do everything. She also spoke about how freeing it was to finally accept what she was feeling without judgment, which lessened the personal struggle. Emily gives great insight into how our struggle comes from the thinking we have, and how important it is to realize that we aren’t failing, we’re learning. We also discussed the critical difference between “feeling” broken and actually being broken. The latter, of course, not being possible.  

If you know of a loved one struggling with post-natal depression, or if you are struggling yourself, this will be such a great episode for you. Enjoy! 

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