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On today’s show, “Episode 55: Rethinking Negative Feelings: Don’t Need Fixing, Nothing Broken” Marina Pearson, mental health advocate for mums, coach and The Joy of Being podcast host, flys solo to share her wisdom (contrary to common belief) about how “negative” feelings are actually are our friends.  
Marina has also included a bonus reading of the chapter “Rethinking Negative Feelings” from her forthcoming book, The Joy of Being which you can pre-order today at www.marinapearson.com/order 

Show Notes:

“The challenge is not that you are experiencing insecure feelings. The obstacle is in believing that something other than thought is creating the feelings you experience. 

Marina has worked with a great number of mums who have struggled with anxiety, depression, and low moods, making out that they needed fixing and were broken. Nevertheless, what if these states of mind are misunderstood and are critical to our mental wellbeing? Instead of attempting to fix these ways of being, what if we could understand their importance and what they are? That is what Marina explores in this episode and suggests that when you experience these feelings, they point you to the system working perfectly and your wisdom’s yes of waking you up to your true nature. 

Marina discusses how we can understand what our thinking is actually telling us and most importantly that we don’t need to be scared of our experience. 

Listen to her book chapter for the first time which provides groundbreaking insight into the new paradigm of subtractive psychology and how our minds work. 

If you’re struggling with depression, post-natal depression, anxiety, or any other low mood “disorder” and are trying to move past, but are unsure of how to do that, then this will be a great episode for you. Enjoy! 

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