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    On today’s show, “Episode 56: How To Be The Leader of Your Business & Life” Penny Power, OBE, author, businesswoman and creator of The Business Café, joins us to share her personal journey through entrepreneurship, and how to create a business that we’re in charge of that is healthy for us.She discusses how she recently had to take a step back from her work due to a health crisis that affected her psychologically. Post experience, she decided to help people to get clarity on how to build a business that supports them and talks about her book Business Is Personal.


    “The Business is Personal book I wrote is really a reflection of all things I wish I had known when I started out on the journey of being an entrepreneurial mother with ambition.”

    Penny has been working in business for many years, while being a mother and raising her children. In this conversation we talk about making choices that support us and the the business we have, by creating firm boundaries.

    We dive into discussing what life is like to be a mother in our current society, and how to create a business that healthy for us and enjoyable.

    If you’re a mum that is pushing too hard in her business, and is saying yes far too often, then this is going to be a great episode for you.

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