with Monicka Clio Sakki


On today’s show, “Episode 58: From Creative Block to Flow” Coaching Guest Monicka Clio Sakki, the successful creator of Self-Magic Coaching program & author, joined us for a new type of episode.  

Today, we used this time to help coach Monika through an area of her life that she was feeling stuck. Monicka is as a mum of two small children and was struggling with the frustration at not getting her projects finished as quickly as she’d like.   

On the coaching call, Monicka was able to see that you can allow herself the time and space to birth a project in her own time, without the pressure even if there is a deadline. 

Show Notes:

I think we need more permission when we’re not actively creating and birthing when it’s one of those things that needs to sit a little bit. I think we need more permission to let it sit.” 

 On the call, Monika was struggling with family life getting in the way of her business projects. The exploration, however, turned into a deep dive into where the pressure really comes from even if we have deadlines. During the process, she realized that the pressure wasn’t coming from the deadline but from her pressured thinking.  

We were able to dive into a great discussion on the process of creation, and the joy that can come from it, and how we can be kind to ourselves in the process of creativity and allow ourselves to enjoy the process to stop striving and start being. Monicka was able to see that’s it’s okay to not hit the deadline and instead, find the grace with herself to work on projects in her own time.   

If you’re currently struggling with meeting deadlines you’ve put on yourself, beating yourself up about that and are stuck creatively and want to find a solution to it, then today’s episode will be a great one for you! Enjoy 

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