with Virginia Salas Kastilio


On today’s show, “Episode 60: How To Create The Divine Relationship” Virginia Salas Kastilio, serial entrepreneur and creator of I Trust You, joins us to discuss how we can bring the divine into our everyday life through the I Trust You movement. Virginia discusses how she lives in the services of others, and how she has strengthened her relationship through the divine and truly understanding what makes a relationship work. 

Show Notes:

The issue was he hasn’t fallen in love with himself yet.”  

Virginia has built multiple successful businesses and has even been one of Inc. Magazine’s 26 Women Who Will Change the World. In today’s chat, we focused on her relationship with her partner. After falling in love with him and being together for a period of time, they finally separated, only to end up back together. She talks about the process of being truly happy in a relationship and how experiencing love for yourself is the key ingredient to fully loving someone else. We also discuss what love is and how society and family puts pressures on a relationship, and how just staying together for the kids when a relationship is no longer working is NOT the answer! She tells a beautiful story about her relationship journey and shared her insights into the mistakes that women/mums make to increase its demise and what you can do to ensure this doesn’t happen.  

If you’re in a relationship but unsure of the future, or are looking to strengthen the one you are in then this will be a great episode for you!  


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