with Jacqueline Rogers


On today’s show, “Episode 62: How to Catapult Your Influence in Business” Jacqueline Rogers, CEO of The Athena Network, joins us to discuss how she learned to love networking, and her tips for other women to embrace the potential for networking in their businesses. 

Show Notes:

I was burnt out. My children had a better relationship with the childminder then they did with me, and that’s not healthy.  

Jacqueline Rogers left her corporate career and ended up creating The Athena Network. Jacqueline is passionate about helping women fall in love with networking. On today’s episode, we discussed how she got into her current business, and what changed for her and her business when networking became her key growth strategy.  

We explored how stillness and inner calm in networking can really open us up to the potential that it offers, which is to grow your influence and lead to some serious successes. Many are put off by networking as they don’t understand its power or are too impatient and are all too often caught up in what they can get and push. Instead, networking is an opportunity to experience the magic of connection and giving.  

If you’re a mum looking to improve your business, grow your influence, and don’t like networking then this will be a great episode for you! Enjoy! 

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