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In today’s show, “Episode 63: Beyond Grief: How To Recover From Child Loss” Julianne Del Cano-Kennard, successful coach and mentor, joins us to give hope and encouragement to others dealing with grief. After suffering the loss of custody of her young son, and then facing the death of her teenage daughter, Julianne has struggled through many situations, and come out the other side to learn the power of acceptance and surrender.

Show Notes:

“I listened to the wisdom of this very moment, and I started to feel better.”

Julianne del Cano-Kennard comes on the show today to shares her deeply moving story of grief at losing not one but 2 of her children. Struggling financially she had to live in a tent and lost custody of her young son, and then lost her daughter to a car accident.

You might ask, how does anyone recover from this type of grief? Well even in the darkest moments of her life, Julianne was able to access her innate resilience and hope. As she had deep realizations about what was actually causing the pain and was able to let go, she shares how she experienced a peace unknown to her during these most heartbreaking moments.

Julianne discusses how she learned to live in a space of surrender, acceptance, and love and decided to use her gifts to help others who are struggling through grief. Julianne discussed how discovering these precious moments of silence, which would bring her back to the present moment helped her hear her wisdom to reduce her suffering.

If you’ve lost a child or someone close or know someone dealing with grief and trying to find the path forward, then this episode will be a great one for you. Enjoy x

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